Lolo Fires

This post is an archive of the Lolo Fires outside of Missoula. What follows is reporting on those fires as they happened:

Horses from the area surrounding Dunrovin Ranch are being evacuated to stay here with us. We’ve also been coordinating with the forest service and they are planning on setting up their Lolo Creek Fire Command Center on land leased by Dunrovin Ranch. Our live webcam will cover the action here. Make use of our forum to tell your stories and help with the efforts to save animals affected by the Lolo fires. The forum is dedicated to coordinating resource sharing. Please post in this forum if you can help move livestock or if you have a need for assistance. Register with the website (free of charge) to access this forum.

August 22, 2013

The Montana National Guard arrives at the ranch. Photos by Tamar.

Also, click the link for a great source of fire news updates.

2013_Fire Photo-8-22(2) 2013_Fire Photo-8-22(3)

2013_Fire Photo-8-22(5)

2013_Fire Photo-8-22(4) 

2013_Fire Photo-8-22(1)


August 21, 2013



The fires made another BIG run last night and left the Bitterroot Valley full of smoke and ash in the morning.

Tamar’s fire photos:


The night of the big blowup.



Evacuated horses at Dunrovin Ranch


Tamar_Kasberg_Photo_129907 Tamar_Kasberg_Photo_129911 Tamar_Kasberg_Photo_129912 Tamar_Kasberg_Photo_129921 Tamar_Kasberg_Photo_129923 Untitled-1

The sun ablaze.


August 20, 2013


Dunrovin’s Osprey family continue their activities at their nest that is now engulfed in smoke.

August 19, 2013


Strong winds and high temperatures whip up the fires into an exploding conflagration. Smoke pillows in the skies.


August 17, 2013


Two small fires along in the Lolo Creek drainage in western Montana along Highway are started. Their smoke creates a beautiful sunset.