Are you ready to join the Front Porch?

Dunrovin Ranch is a small family-owned business. We require a subscription fee to join our D@D community for two very important reasons:

  1. To pay for our technology and content. We do not want to chase advertising or subject members to invasive ads in order to cover our costs. 

  2. To protect our community. We want to shield the community from disruptive internet forces and ensure an atmosphere of kindness and respect.

Monthly Membership Details

8 /per Month
  • Access to Dunrovin Ranch Web Cams
  • 24/7 Chat with Fellow Members
  • Participate in Topic-Based Forums
  • Exclusive Access to Premium Content from our Dunrovin Team

Annual Membership Details

88 /per Year
  • Access to Dunrovin Ranch Web Cams
  • 24/7 Chat with Fellow Members
  • Participate in Topic-Based Forums
  • Exclusive Access to Premium Content from our Dunrovin Team

What Our Members Are Saying

"Just wanting to thank you so very much for sharing your lovely ranch and, in particular, the osprey experience with the public. I am a Tucsonan, but vacationing on Cape Cod presently. I am glued to your site watching the Osprey family and the horses/dog/hearing the donkey in the background etc. What a joyful and spiritual experience for me."

- Carol

"Its so lovely of you to share your ranch with everyone throughout the year. Its the next best thing to actually being able to visit your ranch in person!! Because of the time difference on Saturdays when I was home last year I would turn on to your site and when the sun was just coming up would phone my mom and we would watch the sun rise together and see Ozzie bringing breakfast to his family. We were able to watch together the little ones first flights, etc. We discovered that Mom would see everything about 30 seconds before I did so would tell me to look either to the right or the left if something special was going on like Ozzie coming in with a fish! My Dad passed away about two years ago and it was one time over the phone that my mom really started to laugh over the antics of Percy, Hope, and Dilly and I realized that was the first time I had heard her laugh like that since my dad had passed away. So thank you so much again for making your site available to everyone."

- Denise

"Oh my GOSH! :-) I am so surprised to get an answer!! (Pleasantly surprised I should add). I'm serious... I really didn't expect to hear from anyone... it actually brought tears to my eyes! You might see that as an over-reaction Mrs. Miller but I am so impressed with everything I've seen and read about the Osprey's and "Dunrovin"! Over the last 6 weeks since finding y'all, I watch the nest EVERY DAY and I've read nearly every word on every page y'all have online. All the horses, the staff and JEWEL... what a gal! I've seen her trottin' around like she owns the place! :-) All are so wonderful!"

- Ron

"Just want to say thank you for so promptly getting the cams back on today after your area wide internet outage. The new nest tour/pan shows the little birds so well, we can all easily ID them!! I took a wonderful picture of your Lady Lonza and Annie in the pasture. Yes, they were side by side and I could barely tell there are two horses there!"

- Celia


Why are you charging a membership fee to be part of our the D@D community?

We charge a membership fee for two important reasons:

  1. Everything behind the scenes costs money - the cameras, microphones, broadcasters, computer technology, staff, and animals. We would rather raise the necessary money through membership fees than through advertising. We value our subscribers as invested community members, rather than as consumers.  

  2. Our membership fee gates our community from internet trolls and bullies. It creates a safe place for those of us willing to abide by the D@D community standards of kindness and respect. 

Willingness to pay is more important than ability to pay. We do not want the membership fee to eliminate well intended people who simply can't afford it. Please email us at if you would like to work with us to set a membership price within your budget.

What more do I get for a membership?

The membership gives you access to more cameras,  stories, exclusive broadcast sessions, videos, and ways of communicating directly with Dunrovin Ranch staff, guests, and other D@D members. Our multiple chat rooms are open 24/7, and can be used to create separate chat rooms for family and selected friends. The ranch staff uses the D@D forum and chat on a daily basis to engage with members on all ranch activities. The D@D calendar give details on all scheduled ranch activities.

Can I send a check instead of paying with a card?

Yes! Please create a profile but instead of paying online, send us a check to P.O Box 822, Lolo, MT 59847.  Please provide us with your username, real name and e-mail address.  

Remember it will take some time for your check to get to us and for us to process your information. We will email you when have access to your membership.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! However, we can not prorate a membership if you are in the midst of your subscription.  So if you're not sure you want to commit to the whole year, sign up for a monthly membership.  You can change to an annual when you're ready.

Do I have to use the chat rooms or the discussion forums?

No. You may participate to the level that you are comfortable.  Some of our members like to engage in all aspects of our site; others like to simply follow the action.  The choice is yours.

Do D@D members have a say in the development of the community?

Absolutely! We encourage suggestions and have a designated forum for comments regarding the community. In the past, D@D members have created their own special chat sessions and requested broadcasts focused on specific topics.

Can D@D members operate the web cameras?

Yes! We already have members who have been trained to operate our web cameras from the their home computers. Camera operations have some minimum computing requirements and specialized training is required. Let us know if you would like to volunteer to become one of our cam ops!