On the Porch Swing with Bbond and Mzelly and Islolo

What a treat to have Bbond and her husband Ed visit Dunrovin in person! These two intrepid folks drove all the way from Oklahoma to visit both the Hellgate and Dunrovin osprey nests. Missoula resident and DaysAtDunrovin member, Mzelly and her son Islolo from Lolo, helped with their visit by showing them the Missoula sights and guiding their way to both nests. Luckily, we were able to corral all four of them into an onsite Porch Swing conversation.

Unfortunately, something went a miss with Dunrovin’s camera recording system and we were unable to create a video of the interview – but DaD member, Ilovegrandkids, came to our rescue and supplied us with this recording.

Miss Gertie and Miss Maude insisted on being part of the party. They were totally convinced that Bbond, Ed, Mzelly, and Islolo were here primarily to meet and admire them. Our visitors were very gracious and went along with the DIVAS misconceptions and made over them as if they were the main attraction.

It is such a treat to actually met in person some of the people that we have gotten to know via our web site. It continues to be amaze us just how heart felt the connections are that have been created by our coming together to watch the ospreys and the other Dunrovin Ranch animals via the internet. Who knew? The internet really has opened doors for new relationships and new understandings of the world – and THAT, most certainly is a good thing.

Dunrovin was thrilled to receive a lovely gift from Bbond and Ed – brought all the way to us from Oklahoma. What could be better for Dunrivon than a attractive sign that reads “If you want a stable relationship, get a horse?” As a final happy note, one of the juvenile osprey posed in a tree while Bbond snapped photos. It was a lovely afternoon spent with some lovely people.


 Bbond and her husband Ed drove all the way from Oklahoma to visit the Montana osprey nests.



Everyone got together On The Porch Swing.


 Bbond visited SuzAnne’s office to chat with D@D members.



Lunar or Sol greeted Bbond from a branch of a tree.