Photography Workshop with Montana Artist John Ashley

Dunrovin is delighted and honored to host a photography workshop with award winning, fine art photographer, John Ashley.

2014_John Ashley Heaven on Earth

John is a true artist and dedicated conservationist who loves to  connect people with nature through his stunning images. His emphasis on Montana, nature, birds, wildlife, and horses make him an ideal Dunrovin Ranch partner. Give yourself a treat and take a minute to visit his internet gallery: JohnAshleyFineArt.

 Making Better Pictures

Date and Time:  Sept. 27th, 2014    11AM to 5PM   Bring your own lunch.

Clinic Location: Dunrovin Ranch, Lolo, MT

Cost: $60  Limited to 15 participants – for plenty of 1 on 1 time.

To Register: Call Dunrovin Ranch at 406-273-7745 or email

Workshop Description:

2014_John Ashley Bluebirds of Happiness

You carry a cell phone camera with you everywhere you go, and you probably have a nice stand-alone camera, too. Since you’ll be taking pictures most every day for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it be great if you and your camera understood each other?

Your camera uses just three ingredients to capture every picture: shutter speed, aperture, ISO. By learning to speak your camera’s language, you can understand what it’s doing (automatic mode) and tell it what to do whenever you want (manual mode). And you can make better pictures by learning how to mix and match these ingredients to create your own photographic “recipes.”

During this workshop, we’ll start with a classroom presentation that explains and simplifies how cameras record pictures. After lunch, we’ll move outdoors and practice mixing “recipes” with your own camera. You’ll learn how to make a variety of different images based on how you want your photo to look. As time permits, we’ll return to the classroom and review the photos we just made, with the goal of learning what worked and what didn’t.

Instructor John Ashley has been a professional photographer for 30+ years, including award-winning stints at a central Florida newspaper and at the Missoulian Newspaper. He currently runs a fine art photography business with his wife, Tracy, based out of their Flathead Valley home.

2014_Picture1_John Ashley