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It All Started with the Ospreys!

It all began in 2011 when we collaborated with the University of Montana to install a web cam above the ospreys' nest. We have learned so much from thousands of hours of watching Harriet Osprey as she faced the many challenges of nest building, laying eggs, raising chicks, losing her long time mate, Ozzie, and teaching her new mate, Hal..

The web cam brought us much more that an intimate look at the lives of ospreys. It brought us wonderful people from across the globe who have shared it all with us. It opened our eyes to the possibilities and inspired us to create a "cyber front porch" by installing more web cams and creating an interactive web site so a caring, sharing community of people who love nature and animals could develop. We hope you will consider joining our DaysAtDunrovin online community.


Holistic Animal Wellness

Dunrovin brings together a group of four experts in holistic animal wellness and training for a week of workshops and clinics. While the primary focus is on horses, the principles and techniques apply to all of our personal pets. Join us online or onsite during the first week of October.    

Holistic Animal Wellness Week  

Welcome from Lady Dunrovin

SuzAnne Miller, owner of Dunrovin Ranch, was once introduced as Lady Dunrovin at a meeting and it stuck. Her new found love of writing had prompted her to create the Dunrovin Ranch Lifestyle Magazine in order to share her love of life, family, friends, community, and animals at Dunrovin.

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

Brandon Carpenter

Meet master horseman Brandon Carpenter whose gentle ways with horses have had a great influence on the development of Dunrovin Ranch's horses and horsemanship programs. Now he is experimenting with us to take horsemanship training to an entirely new level on the internet. 

Master Horseman Brandon Carpenter

Wonder Woman Harriet

Mother osprey Harriet is truly a heroine to those of us who have watched and loved this bird through the magic of our web cameras. She has done it all: caring for her eggs and chicks through snowstorms, unrelenting heat, the loss of her mate Ozzie, and training her new mate, Hal, to be a terrific partner and parent.our own lenses.

Wonder Woman Harriet

Training Mystery

Learn about DaysAtDunrovin new use of its web camera technology to bring Brandon Carpenter across the miles from his ranch to Dunrovin to mentor Taryn as she trains our new horse, Mystery, to be ridden for the first time. Mystery is the perfect horse for this exciting project. He is kind, curious, and a very quick leaner.

Training Mystery

Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes,
and spend your Days At Dunrovin.

Days At Dunrovin is a cyber front porch…you know, like the front porches of yesteryear where people gathered to chat, watch the world go by, and make friends. It's a cyber front porch because it is neither totally physical nor totally cyber - - it's a cyber gathering around a real physical place - - bringing internet users with mutual interests together in a protected place to chat and learn from one another while they share the real and fascinating world that is Montana's Dunrovin Ranch.

Nature is in control. Expect the unexpected. Dunrovin is a world dictated by the weather, the animals, and next colorful character to wonder down the road. Our continually broadcasting web cams, professional audio system, blogs, photos, videos, chat rooms, and discussion forums bring our cyber guests right along side of us as we work and play with our horses, donkeys, and dogs, experiment with permaculture in our garden, or enjoy theatrical and musical presentations. Go where we go, do what we do. Our world becomes your world. We chat and share and experience life together. It's the very clay from which friendships are formed.

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Live Streaming

Days at Dunrovin offers members 24-hour live streaming of the Ranch. Gain an uninterrupted perspective on ranch life in Montana.


Online Community

Members gain access to an online community unlike any other. Join live chat conversations and forum discussions with peers and experts from across the globe.


Multiple Camera Feeds

While our osprey Nest Camera got us started, Days At Dunrovin now has three web cams at the ranch and broadcasts others from across the world.


Weekly Broadcast Events

From celerity spotting, to book clubs, to chair yoga, to dog and horse training, there is never a dull moment at Days At Dunrovin.


Safe Environment

Our membership process is carefully gated to that our community is secure from trolling and everyone feels safe and respected.


Community-Generated Content

Days At Dunrovin is really a toy box, offering members the tools and toys they need for having fun and stimulating conversation.

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What Our Members Are Saying

"Just wanting to thank you so very much for sharing your lovely ranch and, in particular, the osprey experience with the public. I am a Tucsonan, but vacationing on Cape Cod presently. I am glued to your site watching the Osprey family and the horses/dog/hearing the donkey in the background etc. What a joyful and spiritual experience for me."

- Carol

"Its so lovely of you to share your ranch with everyone throughout the year. Its the next best thing to actually being able to visit your ranch in person!! Because of the time difference on Saturdays when I was home last year I would turn on to your site and when the sun was just coming up would phone my mom and we would watch the sun rise together and see Ozzie bringing breakfast to his family. We were able to watch together the little ones first flights, etc. We discovered that Mom would see everything about 30 seconds before I did so would tell me to look either to the right or the left if something special was going on like Ozzie coming in with a fish! My Dad passed away about two years ago and it was one time over the phone that my mom really started to laugh over the antics of Percy, Hope, and Dilly and I realized that was the first time I had heard her laugh like that since my dad had passed away. So thank you so much again for making your site available to everyone."

- Denise

"Oh my GOSH! :-) I am so surprised to get an answer!! (Pleasantly surprised I should add). I'm serious... I really didn't expect to hear from anyone... it actually brought tears to my eyes! You might see that as an over-reaction Mrs. Miller but I am so impressed with everything I've seen and read about the Osprey's and "Dunrovin"! Over the last 6 weeks since finding y'all, I watch the nest EVERY DAY and I've read nearly every word on every page y'all have online. All the horses, the staff and JEWEL... what a gal! I've seen her trottin' around like she owns the place! :-) All are so wonderful!"

- Ron

"Just want to say thank you for so promptly getting the cams back on today after your area wide internet outage. The new nest tour/pan shows the little birds so well, we can all easily ID them!! I took a wonderful picture of your Lady Lonza and Annie in the pasture. Yes, they were side by side and I could barely tell there are two horses there!"

- Celia

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